Why should I choose Living Care Home Services?

There are lots of reasons to choose us! We use only the best caregivers who are available. We are family owned with family values who understand family needs. We show up, you can depend on us. We are totally dedicated to providing compassionate, reliable, and affordable care. We have experience, not just as professionally trained caregivers but as members of families who needed to provide care for our own families. We really care and we understand your unique situation because we have been there ourselves. “We Take the Worry Out of Caring for Someone You Love.”

What’s the difference between Living Care and other companies?

Living Care Home Services was started by Sean Lynch from his home in 2001. He was the first and only caregiver employed at the company for the first year. He worked day, middle and overnight shifts, personally escorted a client to Minnesota for a week to have a transplant check-up, worked with Hospice clients and was there holding their hand when they passed, and has worked with both male and female clients that first year. He has also had members of his own family receive home care services so understands the frustrations and the joy families can experience when getting outside help. This background helps meet client needs and better support the caregivers who are part of the household and those from our company.

I need help now…can you help me?

Absolutely. We are committed to every hour of care a family may require. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a live answering service that can direct you to the right person to meet your needs after office hours. The service has been a part of our team for many years and understands your needs and will direct you accordingly. They will also listen to you, and make sure you get the help you need. We are committed to filling your needs within 24 hours or even the same day. We will do our best and we’ll respect you and be honest with you if we can’t meet your requirements.

Do you provide care to clients in assisted living or other types of facilities?

Yes. Our caregivers have provided care to family members in many local facilities such as assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. All facilities are required to obtain caregiver information such as certification and TB testing. All our caregivers are current with these requirements which enhance our ability to respond to requests within facilities. Most of the local facilities recognize our diligence in meeting their requirements and work well with us in meeting your needs in their facility.

How much does care cost?

The cost of obtaining care depends upon the type of care you require. We have very affordable HOURLY rates which vary depending on the amount of time we spend with you. The longer we are with you, the less expensive your hourly rate will be. The rates are the same for weekday, weekend, and overnight hours. We also provide 24-hour Live-in care with a DAILY rate associated with that level of care. To obtain specific costs, please get in touch with us.

What if my situation changes and I need to change the service I receive?

We are flexible. We want to meet your needs and often those needs will change over time. We change with you. When you need a little more or a lot more help, we’ll be there. When you need less care, we’ll be there then too. You’re never locked onto services. As your needs change, we’ll change to accommodate you.

Do you provide Hospice care?

Yes. We are very proud of our non-medical hospice care services. We have individual caregivers with specific training in this area and only take hospice cases. These caregivers are special people who understand the hospice process and feel that it is their “calling” to help families navigate through this beautiful period of their life. This is a special time in someone’s life and the right caregiver can make all the difference in helping the individual and the family feel safe, well cared for, and understood.

Do you have other questions that are not answered here?