There are many times when a family member is doing quite well on their own, but they could benefit from companionship care. This service is invaluable in keeping someone connected with the world outside their sheltered life. Many people can settle into depressive or lonely lives without the benefit of someone coming to visit on a regular basis. Regular visits from a caregiver provide a sense of caring and friendship which is so important to all of us, but necessary to those who live alone and who don’t have family or friends who can visit on a regular basis.

Our caregivers can bring a feeling of excitement each day to someone who lives alone. In addition, they can ensure that medications are being taken as prescribed, food is in the house, daily chores such as light housekeeping are completed, activities of daily living like bathing are being adhered to and day trips to doctors, hair appointments, shopping or to the post office are taking place. Having a caregiver checking in also allows us to feel like we are not a burden to our family, and gives us a sense of independence, that we are doing OK on our own. These simple pleasures are needed to give us all a feeling of worth and joy each day.

Having a caregiver visiting regularly also provides the family with the knowledge that someone is checking in with their family member when they cannot. This allows them to visit when they can, and not have to deal with the day to day issues which often cause stress in everybody’s life. Family and friends can visit when it is convenient for them, which increases the value of their visit and reduces the stress associated with the feeling that they HAVE to get there today.

Let us send a new friend to you or your loved one today. Get out and live life.