Personal Care remains the main focus of the services which we provide. Personal Care services include those activities of daily living which are difficult for someone to complete on their own. These are the activities which require the assistance of another person in order for someone to live in their home setting. Activities such as bathing, dressing, medication reminders, meal prep, feeding, laundry, light housekeeping etc., are difficult or impossible for many people to complete on their own.

Our caregivers are trained to assist families in assuring that these very vital tasks are performed on a regular basis and done so while maintaining the dignity and respect that all people deserve. Providing Personal Care for someone requires a caregiver who understands how sensitive people are, when it comes to asking for assistance with these tasks. At the same time, the caregiver must be able to convince someone of the necessity to bathe and complete all activities of daily living to reduce the possibility of developing secondary issues such as urinary tract infections, dehydration, anxiety, malnutrition etc., which complicates living at home.

We care very deeply for those we provide services for and respect their individual wishes. We also know that without assisting them in understanding that these services are necessary for their continued independence at home, they are more likely to be hospitalized or moved into a long term care setting.

We wouldn’t watch our own loved ones become ill or depressed and won’t watch that happen to yours either. We will treat your family as we would treat our own.