“Many thanks for your care, concern and special helpfulness during Mom’s illness. She certainly took a liking to each of you. You enabled me to care for Mom right here in my home. What a blessing it was for all of us.”
– Fondly, Jeannette B.

“Dear Sean,
Thank you so much for everything that was done for my father. Even though I have known you for only a short time, I knew immediately that you were a kind and good human being. I would recommend you and your company to anyone.”
– Thanks, Joan S.

“Thank you for the wonderful, loving care you gave my Dad, Len P. We all wanted to provide exactly what he wanted in his last days and you made it happen. The comfort and love your actions imparted helped him and all our family fare his death with strength and dignity. We will always remember you — and thank you in our hearts.”
– Kathy G. and Family

“Dear Joann and Sean:
Finding Living Care and using your services was a wonderful comfort for me as well as my Mom. You all are terrific to work with and so very reliable and caring. Joann, thank you for going the extra mile and calling my Mom. She thought that was great! Sean, my Mom thinks you are wonderful and we have shared your information with others in need of your services. As for Cindy — she was a great fit for Mom — they crochet away the hours. Cindy is a very loving and caring person and I felt at ease knowing she was with my Mom… Many, many thanks!”
– Fondly, Susan K.

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