Our family of caregivers at Living Care Home Services perform many different duties for families including Light House Cleaning. This is a service which is different from contracting with a formal cleaning service.

Our caregivers want to promote an atmosphere of health and cleanliness and so will make sure that the living space is neat and orderly. This service includes changing the bed linen’s and running laundry, wiping down the shower and sink in the bathroom following bathing assistance, running the vacuum in the living space (i.e. bedroom or living room), cleaning up the kitchen after meal preparation, putting the garbage out and other tasks as they occur.

Although our caregivers have a genuine concern for the families they serve and want to do all they can to make their client feel safe and happy, they are not house cleaners. Heavy house cleaning duties are performed by outside services or family members when available. Caregivers are not permitted to move heavy furniture, scrub floors, wash walls or any outside work such as washing the rain spouts or weeding gardens. Caregivers can however assist their client in performing these duties themselves when appropriate.

This service is a way to keep the living space neat and orderly and to provide someone with a sense of pride and dignity.