Many people who live alone tend to not eat in a healthy manner and need help with meal preparation. It just seems like too much trouble to cook or prepare a meal for themselves. Poor nutrition can lead to a number of health problems which will eventually lead to an impatient hospital stay and possible rehabilitation services following discharge.

Healthy eating habits have proven to reduce many unwarranted hospital stays. Most medications are designed to be taken with a meal to help the body break down and distribute the medications. When medications are taken without proper nutrition, the body can have negative reactions which can cause further problems. Nauseousness, dizziness and fainting can result from taking medications without proper nutrition.

Our caregivers can be there to ensure that a good breakfast is available to start the day and that morning medications are taken with food. Meal preparation at lunch or dinner can be arranged and left in the refrigerator for them to eat when they are ready or the caregiver can be there to prepare and even eat with the person if desired. Many families eat their main meal at lunchtime so we will adjust what we do to meet the individual needs of the family.

This service is a good way to introduce a caregiver as a support person and someone who can become a friend. Our caregivers do their best to prepare healthy yet appetizing meals and cook them the way the family wants, as best they can. Meals on Wheels is a great program but no substitute for a live person. Contact us to learn more about these services.