When your loved one is experiencing difficulties with sleeping through the night, it exhausts not only them, but their caregiver as well and is a perfect time to infuse overnight care. When a family member is trying to respond to those needs all night and then try and do the same throughout the day, it becomes a chore rather then a labor of love. Our caregivers are there to help.

We do not have specific “shifts” for overnight care but are available for the times which make most sense for you. Most overnight care is provided in shifts between 8 and 12 hours but we have done less hours as well as more. This aspect of care is extremely important in giving the person who requires the care the proper rest they need. Proper rest at night will assist them in allowing their body to re-charge and be ready for the demands of the day. When they get proper sleep, they are more alert and can vocalize their condition more accurately, be more receptive to requests made by their daytime caregiver, be more able to respond to physical or occupational therapies easier and be ready for any visiting nurses visits.

A condition called “Sundowners” often affects people in the later stages of their life, regardless of any illness or injury. This is a condition which causes much distress in people after the sun goes down and darkness settles in. Many times this causes great anxiety and restlessness which can lead to very disconnected sleep patterns. Having the loving and calm presence of a caregiver at hand when they awake at night, is very reassuring to them. We can get them to the bathroom or commode, get them something to eat or drink, read to them, rub their back or brush their hair, or anything else which will make them feel safe and not alone.

Allow our caregivers to help make your loved ones feel safe and comfortable throughout the night. This service can also be provided in a hospital or Personal Care facility.