Today’s medical advances have made it much easier for people to have procedures such as joint replacements, tendon and ligament repair, heart valve stems, pace makers and many other operations, and then be sent home. In the past, these surgeries required people to be hospitalized and then receive physical therapy for long periods of time. No longer. People are being sent home the same day for many procedures, and are left to cope with the difficulties that go along with those discharges. Joint replacement surgery alone is increasing at an alarming rate.

The good news is that people are no longer being made to endure days of inpatient hospitalization or rehabilitation when better care can be received in their own home. Unfortunately, many families are sent home without the proper support or illness care.  Many secondary illness or injuries often occur because someone is left alone when they should have outside help. Pain management in itself can be a big task for many on their own. The risk of falling while on pain medication increases greatly when there is no one to help.

We can be that help. We can provide competent caregivers who will assist families for short periods of time until they are able to care for themselves. Don’t compromise the gains you made through corrective, elective or required surgeries, let us be your arms and legs while yours are getting better.