We often receive frantic calls from families who say that their loved one is being discharged from the hospital today, and they are unable to take care of their needs on their own. Many people are left to cope with taking care of family members who have been hospitalized or in rehabilitation for an injury or an illness. Transitional Care can help families immensely.

Living Care Home Services can provide a trained and compassionate caregiver to help you navigate those first few weeks at home. We can be there to assist in establishing medication and nutrition regimes, sleeping patterns as well as other disciplines needed in order to avert a hospital re-admission.

Our caregivers are trained to work with the discharge plan from the facility, visiting nurse or occupational therapist and help the family develop a plan that will meet the needs of their loved one in their own home.

The first two weeks are crucial in making sure that someone is doing everything needed to ensure a successful recovery at home. Our caregivers are often the difference in readmission to the hospital or rehab, and recovery or maintenance at home.

Let us make sure that readmission to a hospital is not needed.