One of the biggest concerns a family member who cannot drive has is how they will run errands to get to the store for food, medications or other supplies. Many seniors no longer drive for various reasons but all of them have needs outside the home. Shopping for weekly groceries, medications and supplies, buying gifts for children or grandchildren, doctor or dental appointments, hair and nail appointments and just wanting to go shopping or getting out of the house, are very important for promoting a positive and healthy outlook on life.

Many people who no longer drive feel that they are “trapped” in their home which can cause unnecessary anxiety or depressive episodes. Our caregivers are happy to help with household chores such as shopping or running errands. All caregivers must have a valid drivers license and Insurance and have a car which is inspected and safe. Caregivers also drive the family car when one is available. Using the family car is often more comfortable and familiar for the person we are helping and they have a sense of ownership in the trip.

Getting out of the house for any reason gives all of us a feeling of usefulness and freedom. We try and include our clients in all aspects of taking care of their own personal needs. This feeling of having a purpose, if only to go to the post office, is essential in promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle which in turn creates a more positive living experience.