Living Care Home Services takes great pride in our ability to help families navigate hospice care. We begin helping families from the first phone call we receive requesting help. If we are only able to provide information on what Hospice means and how to go about getting services and durable goods such as hospital beds, oxygen, commodes etc., we are happy to do so. We feel that this is part of the service you are looking for. Should you decide you would like to meet with us to get more information, we will come out and meet with the family when it most convenient for you. We often do this the same day we receive the call.

All caregivers who perform hospice work are trained to do so and have demonstrated that ability on previous cases with our company. This aspect of care takes a person who not only has the skills and knowledge to help out with this level of care, but almost as importantly, they have the compassion, patience and caring to be able to help the entire family. When a family member receives hospice care, it affects all aspects of their life, and everyone who is associated with them. Our caregivers realize that and give support when necessary, but also know to allow family and friends the time to be alone when needed. Although most hospice care requires 24/7 live-in help, we also provide this level of care on an hourly basis. We tailor the care to meet the family’s needs.

Hospice Care can be a very beautiful experience for those involved. Having your loved one in their own home, with those they love around them, can be a very powerful and healing experience for all those involved.

Let us help you bring your loved one home, where they belong.