registryRegistry facts and info: Our registry serves to carefully match caregivers to consumers. Background checks are required as well as a minimum of two satisfactory professional reference checks. Every caregiver is interviewed by our president or the care manager. We consider our staff to be the best in the Northeast.

1099 information can be found here, This can be very helpful when understanding the requirements of an independent contractor:

As an independent contractor caregivers should receive a 1099. This form will verify their acknowledgement of the 1099 from their patient:


Our Staff

Family values are especially important to our family of staff. All our caregivers are highly skilled, dedicated, and compassionate. They care for, and about, their clients.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer Company. All our caregivers undergo extensive interview and background checks. Caregivers receive ongoing training and support to ensure their competency. All of our caregivers are covered under the company’s Professional and General Liability Insurance plan. All caregivers are responsible to pay federal, state and local taxes. We are dedicated to using only the most responsible and compassionate caregivers available.

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